How can you guarantee keeping deadlines?

We consider the expected volume, complexity and time we have. If the last is too short, we involve as many writers as it is necessary to finish everything not too late. In such a way, your work would be written not only by one specialist. Also in such cases some of them should postpone their non-urgent orders. As you can see, papers that should be prepared as quickly as it is possible provide some inconveniences for us, but we can cope with it. Of course, it is a bit more expensive than ordinary order.

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What if some work is too complicated for you?

If some topic is very complicated we involve our prominent professionals that usually only check papers. Their level of knowledge and experience is extremely high and some of them are authors of different famous scientific papers or books. Let’s imagine that some task is impossible to be written. In this case we return your money back and reimburse materially your time during which you were waiting for a paper. But such situations have not happened.

Can I speak to a person that works with my paper?

Yes. If you need that, we can connect you with your writer. In addition to this, during ordering our customers say us which character traits they want their writers to have. You also can control the process of writing and you will see your paper at each step of writing to adjust all you need. In such a way it is impossible to send you a paper that would be completely unsatisfying for you.

Can I be confident in confidentiality?

Of course, we do not disclose names of our clients on any pretext. We understand how it is important nobody to know your name and other information. As well we certainly will not undermine our own reputation. After two weeks of completion the order we erase the whole information about the customer and his/her paper and do not keep it in any databases. (During two weeks you can contact us to change something in your work. We do this for free.

What if for some reason you cannot deliver my work in time?

Actually primarily we care about delivering in time. We have never allowed lateness. We guarantee you keeping deadlines and if our agreement is broken by us – no matter how – we will send you your paper for free.

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Now you know the most important information about us. Of course, it is impossible to prevent each one question that might be interesting for you, and if you want to know about something else, you can write or call us, and you will get all the answers. We are ready to listen to you 24/7.